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Beacon & Backup Brackets

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Freightliner Coronado Beacon Bracket

Price: $158.79

Freightliner Coronado Beacon Bracket

Price: $158.79

Freightliner Day Cab Beacon Bracket

Price: $133.00

Freightliner M2 Class Beacon Bracket

Price: $185.93

International Day Cab Beacon Bracket 7"

Price: $119.43

International Day Cab Beacon Bracket 9.75"

Price: $118.07

International ProSleeper Beacon Bracket

Price: $185.93

International ProSleeper Beacon Bracket - Right

Price: $185.93

Peterbilt 567/Daycab Beacon Bracket

Price: $185.93

Kenworth B-Model Beacon Bracket, Drivers Side

Price: $172.36

Kenworth B-Model Beacon Bracket, Passengers Side

Price: $172.36

Kenworth Day Cab Beacon Bracket

Price: $134.36

Kenworth Fender Light Guard Shroud

Price: $84.14

Kenworth Modular Flat Top Sleeper Beacon Bracket

Price: $199.50

Peterbilt UltraCab Beacon Bracket - Driver

Price: $172.36

Peterbilt UltraCab Beacon Bracket - Passenger

Price: $172.36

Beacon & Backup Brackets

Truckers and drivers know just how vital communication is across roadways, construction sites and docking locations. Understanding when a semi-truck is moving in reverse or navigating down the highway is the key to preventing unwanted collisions. Large fleet vehicles for construction and towing are required by law to have indicator lights, so Bud and Tony's Truck Parts brings customers everything necessary for mounting beacons and backup installations.

Beacon and backup lights carry the potential to save lives in numerous applications. Whether a semi-truck is for work or leisure activities, having durable brackets keeps lighting intact for frequent use.

What Are Semi-Truck Beacon Brackets?

Semi-truck beacon brackets are the easiest way to secure lighting to the exterior of a vehicle. Fleet management personnel and independent drivers should always ensure that semi-trucks are equipped with functional lights prior to travel, so our products mount in just minutes for convenience. Install rotating or flashing lights (based on industry) for workers and other drivers to see.

The beacon and backup brackets on our online store are compatible with industry-leading truck manufacturers such as Mack, International, Kenworth and Peterbilt. These accessories are available in numerous shapes, sizes and configurations to fit models of the past and present. You can fasten our brackets using standard hardware, as selections arrive with pre-drilled holes for placement.

Mack, International, Kenworth and Peterbilt Semi-Truck Beacon Brackets

We offer beacon brackets that are manufactured to last. Our one-stop shop is home to attachable brackets made of 430 stainless steel and aluminum materials for corrosion resistance. Whether the original fixtures on a rig have warped or gone missing, our products act as perfect replacements.

Our professionals go above and beyond competitors by listing the width, depth, height and weight of each bracket. Customers can learn more about which rotating or flashing light designs fit installations by clicking on selections for an overview.

Installing Beacon Brackets on Mack, International, Kenworth and Peterbilt Trucks

Most of our brackets are engineered to install above driver and passenger side doors. Pre-drilled mounting holes will align with the existing layout of a vehicle without the need for exterior modification. Attach exterior lights to the bracket with the correct size hardware, mount the assembly to the desired location and complete the install by connecting wires to a power supply (read beacon light owner's manual for instructions).

We see our products used with exterior lights for amber and white illuminations. Keep in mind amber lights indicate a vehicle is "slow moving" or handling heavy loads on highways and construction sites. White installations are to communicate that a semi-truck is moving in reverse.

Semi-Truck Beacon and Backup Brackets: Increased Durability

One of the main benefits of beacon brackets is that these devices can help reduce damage in the event of a collision. Rather than overhead structures, trees and awnings hitting the roof of a rig, our products alert you to the interference to shield paint jobs and surfaces. Always gauge overhead clearances before attempting to navigate through narrow roads and work zones, and consider a warning device to prevent damage to your investment.

Place an Order for Semi-Truck Beacon Brackets Online

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts caters to rigs in need of repairs, replacements and upgrades. Enhance your setup with interior and exterior accessories for the leading industry truck brands including Volvo, Kenworth and Western Star. Place an order for semi-truck beacon brackets today, and feel free to fill out a contact form for further information about our products and services.