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Semi-Truck Aerodynamics
Optimizing truck performance is essential to saving money. Aerodynamics of your rig is often overlooked but can have a huge impact on your truck's fuel efficiency and bottom line. Learn how Bud and Tony's Truck Parts can help improve your semi's aerodynamics.
Truck Driver Back Pain
Back pain in truck drivers is one of the biggest ailments in the industry. How can we combat back pain? Learn some strategies to alleviate back pain while on the road.
Truckers Against Trafficking
Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is supporting Truckers Against Trafficking to help do our part to defeat the human trafficking crisis. See how you can also get involved, participate in trainings, or donate to the cause too!
Trucker Charities This Holiday Season
Battling long hours on the road, strict delivery deadlines and numerous other challenges, truckers never have it easy — but those trials become more apparent than ever during the holidays.
Top Truck Stops in the USA
Truck stops have long been a fixture of America's wide-open roads. As anyone who transports goods across state and regional lines will attest, rest stops are an essential aspect of life on the road. Today, truck stops are more exciting than ever because they function as more than mere rest and fuel stops. This article details the best truck stops in the U.S.A. for food, entertainment, rest and lodging.
Must-Have Commercial Truck Parts and Semi Truck Accessories
When it comes to truck parts and semi truck accessories, Bud and Tony’s has you covered. We have a huge selection of high-quality parts and accessories offered at competitive prices. And we can ship your items quickly to wherever you are.
Reasons to Install LED Lighting on Your Semi Truck
A lot of truckers have embraced LED lights as semi truck accessories because they are more efficient than traditional halogen lightbulbs. With a regular light bulb, 3% of the energy it receives turns into visible light, and the remaining 97% becomes heat energy. This heat energy serves no practical purpose, and it certainly doesn’t aid in illumination. However, LED lights convert approximately 90% of the energy they receive into visible, usable light. This means that only 10% of the energy an LED receives is wasted. In a nutshell, you get much more usable energy per watt with LED lights.
Is Your Current Fuel Tank Costing You Money?
Old fuel tanks can leak fuel and cost drivers money. This is why you should routinely check your fuel tank for wear and tear, especially if you've driven in harsh weather conditions. Then, if you find that you do need a replacement fuel tanks, go to Bud and Tony's Truck parts for the best selection at unbeatable prices.
The Single Best Way To Protect Your Tank From Fuel Thieves
The Single Best Way To Protect Your Fuel Tank With Locking Gas Caps And Gas Cap Covers.
Locking DEF Caps
Just .169 ounces/5ml of Diesel Fuel or other fluids into a DEF Tank, can cost thousands of dollars ..