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Top Reads for Your Trucking Needs
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Fuel Theft Prevention
Fuel is a trucker’s highest expense. The same goes for fleets. Without it, the trucking industry (and our economy) would basically come to a halt. This makes diesel essential to protect and very attractive to steal.
Cargo Security - Keeping Things in Place on the Road
Cargo security is essential in hauling - and it's also required by law. Here are some examples of tools used to make sure your load stays put.
Tire Pressure Maintenance and Monitors
For most trucking companies, tire maintenance is a major expense – exceeded only by labor and fuel. As with any business, anything that can be done to save money makes a difference – and in trucking, tire pressure monitoring is one major way fleets and owner operators can save thousands.
One of the pains which seems harmless at first for truckers is hand or wrist issues. Keeping both hands on the steering wheel at all times for safety for both you and others on the road is what every good driver knows, however that constant gripping can produce harmful consequences.
Insurance through the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association
One of the best features of a recognized trade organization like the OOIDA is its ability to obtain group rates on insurance premiums.
Great Easy On-The-Go Meals and Recipes for Truckers Cooking in their Sleeper Cab or Semi Truck.
Truck driving is a dangerous job. There are many ways truck drivers can secure their property and protect themselves when on the road.
Truck Driver Back Pain
Back pain in truck drivers is one of the biggest ailments in the industry. How can we combat back pain? Learn some strategies to alleviate back pain while on the road.
Have Your Truck Looking Sharp and Truck Show-Worthy
Semi trucks are more than just a work vehicle able to haul thousands of pounds — they're a home away from home that truckers rely on day in and day out. Because you spend many hours in your big rig, you've probably already begun personalizing it for your needs and design sensibilities.Semi truck upgrades not only deliver flashy alternatives to your standard manufacturer parts, but they also provide additional truck protection and safety features.