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Headache Cab Racks & Accessories

Headache Racks for Semis

At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we want to make your next journey safe, smooth and hassle-free, and our selection of headache racks for semi-trucks offers an effective solution to common trucking headaches. Headache racks are strong, lightweight barriers mounted behind the rear window of your truck, and are primarily intended to:

  • Provide shade from the sun
  • Protect yourself and passengers from flying debris or broken window glass
  • Offer additional, more convenient cab storage space

But why are these rear cab window installations called headache racks? It's unclear where the name originated from, but many believe the nickname stuck from the idea that they prevent cargo and debris from flying through exposed back windows and hitting drivers in the head. Or they can prevent headaches drivers would experience if their truck were damaged.

Hauling products around the country may produce its fair share of headaches, but choosing the right type of headache rack for your semi shouldn't be one of them. Bud and Tony's Truck Parts has years of experience and understands the unique needs of truckers around the country. We know our products' unique benefits and can work closely with you to choose the right kind of headache rack for your truck.

Save Yourself a Headache With Merritt and Brunner Headache Racks for Semis

Enjoy a more comfortable ride and protect the quality of your investment with headache racks from Bud and Tony's Truck Parts. Our inventory of steel and aluminum semi-truck headache racks are top-rated for lasting performance, protection and convenience. They can get easily and securely installed on any truck make or model including VolvoMackPeterbiltKenworthWestern Star and Freightliner.

All of our headache racks for semi-trucks are manufactured with the highest-quality and most durable materials available and designed for a variety of needs and uses. Bud and Tony's Truck Parts offers several cab rack styles with aerodynamic design and versatility.

The Bud and Tony's Truck Parts Difference

Professional truckers rely on Bud and Tony's Truck Parts for all their semi's parts and accessories because of our diverse inventory, reputation for knowledgeable, helpful services and personalized solutions tailored to suit you and your vehicle's specific needs.

With Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, you can also benefit from:

  • Fast and timely shipping wherever you are
  • Interior and exterior products for any semi-truck make or model
  • Experienced and helpful experts

Need Effective Solutions for Common Problems? Trust Bud and Tony's Truck Parts

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is the leading semi-truck part and accessory supplier, and we strive to establish trusted and lasting relationships with all of our customers paired with personalized options, affordable solutions and lasting convenience, safety and protection. Check out our wide selection of head racks for semi-trucks today. If you need assistance finding the right types of products for your truck, feel free to give our team a call today at 586-623-9705 or fill out our online contact form.