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Black 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker


Portable Non-Stick Frying Pan


Building a Truck Driver’s Kitchen

Being on the Road and Living on the Road are Two Different Things

Packing food and snacks for a road trip can be a good excuse to include some not-so-healthy options. You know, chips, chocolate – maybe a pit stop at your favorite fast-food joint. This is all part of the fun of a road trip. It’s only a couple meals, to it’s okay to splurge.

Now imagine eating every meal on the road for weeks at a time. This is the life of a heavy-duty truck driver.

One of the biggest work-environment challenges truck drivers face is maintaining a healthy lifestyle/diet while on the road. There are many portable and permanently-installed kitchen/dining products available to help truckers prepare and store nutritious meals.

Truck Refrigerators – Trucks with sleeper cabs have room for permanently-installed refrigerators made specifically for semi-trucks. These fridges vary in size from 1.8 to 2.2 cubic feet and can include freezers. This is just enough space to keep perishable foods for a longer period of time than a cooler with ice.

Microwaves – Probably the most popular convenience-appliance out there is a microwave. You can find small sized, low-voltage microwaves at any home improvement store.

Portable Electric Pots & Pans – Not everything can be prepared in a microwave. Portable frying pans and pots are handy when you feel like something more “homemade.”

Meal Delivery – Having ready-to-eat or ready-to-prepare meals delivered to your door is all the rage these days. While you can pack meals delivered by any of the popular home delivery services out there, CDL Meals caters specifically to truck drivers and can delivery a week’s worth of meals to your truck door, if need be.

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