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For truck drivers, the right mix of accessories can make spending time on the road more relaxing and ultimately lead to more successful and efficient runs. With parts and accessories from Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, you can add the custom touches you need to optimize your Freightliner.

We carry accessories for popular Freightliner models, including Cascadia, Century, Classic, Columbia, Coronado, FLB, FLD, M2, Business Class, FL 50, FL 60, FL 70, FL 80, FL 112 and more. Our inventory of Freightliner semi-truck accessories includes a wide range of interior and exterior parts from America's most trusted manufacturers. You can always reach out to our expert team with questions about Freightliner truck accessories and their compatibility with your truck. 

Freightliner Accessories Available at Bud and Tony's Truck Parts

When you want to improve your Freightliner truck's efficiency, it's time to look at the Freightliner semi-truck parts and accessories you're operating with. Too often, uncomfortable cab interiors, old or damaged exterior parts and a lack of proper security features cost millions in lost time and vehicle breakdowns. That's why we strive to connect drivers across the country with the best Freightliner semi-truck parts on the market.

Outfit your truck with the comfort, convenience and security items in our catalog to enjoy competitive pricing and the unbeatable customer service we're known for here at Bud and Tony's Truck Parts. We have organized our site with the following categories to make it easier to find what you're looking for:

  • Exterior Accessories: Locking fuel caps, fuel tank straps, anti-siphon kits, etc.
  • Interior Accessories: Desks, totes, mattresses, etc.
  • Security: Veeboards, drum locks, wheel locks, etc.
  • Electronics: Dash cams, GPS antennas, scanners, etc.
  • Safety: Chock blocks, safety cone holders, safety decals, etc.
  • LED Lighting: Replacements for signals, markers, license plates, etc.

Learn more below about what makes Bud and Tony's Truck Parts a trusted provider of interior and exterior Freightliner semi-truck parts.

Interior Freightliner Semi-Truck Parts

At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we offer an extensive variety of interior Freightliner semi-truck parts and accessories designed to optimize your comfort and productivity in your truck cab. From bedding to mobile office accessories, we offer the following Freightliner semi-truck accessories for cab spaces:

  • Cab Comfort AccessoriesThis category includes mattresses and bedding available in various sizes and color choices. Also in this category is a selection of cabin filters for optimal cab air quality.
  • Steering WheelsWe offer an array of semi-truck steering wheels that are compatible with most major Freightliner models. The steering wheels we sell are designed for ease of use and optimal comfort.
  • Dashboard AccessoriesBrowse our dash kits to maintain the interior of your Freightliner cab.
  • Floor MatsHelp keep your Freightliner's cab floors clean and sanitary with our selection of mats — compatible with most major manufacturers.
  • Foot PedalsWe also offer maximum-grip foot pedals that fit most manufacturers' specifications.

Exterior Freightliner Semi-Truck Parts

Our inventory features exterior Freightliner semi-truck parts from reputable manufacturers. We offer:

We also offer other exterior Freightliner semi-truck parts and accessories. Simply reach out to our team for more information about exterior semi-truck parts and their applications.

Contact Bud and Tony's Truck Parts for Your Freightliner Semi-Truck Accessories

It's time to optimize your Freightliner truck with high-quality interior and exterior accessories. Visit us to discover why more and more Freightliner drivers and operators are choosing us for all of their accessories. Start with our secure fuel cap locking covers to ensure no one is stealing your valuable fuel. Then, take a look at our other interior and exterior parts and accessories to get your truck exactly how you want it for the next long haul.

You can place your order right away or contact our team if you have any questions about our inventory and product compatibility or would like any assistance getting started.