Headlights & Tail Lights

At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, our mission is to help make your job safer and more comfortable and your truck more efficient. We're a heavy-duty and medium-duty semi-truck parts distributor serving customers all over North America, and we carry a vast inventory of products from only trusted, high-quality manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a few repair or replacement parts or enough products to upgrade an entire fleet, you can count on Bud and Tony's Truck Parts.

We offer a wide variety of headlights and tail lights for semi-trucks as well as dozens of headlight and tail light accessories. When you're on the road at night or trekking through rough weather systems, you know the importance of quality headlights and tail lights. Having proper lights for your truck is vital, so you want to choose lighting options that will give you and the travelers around you maximum visibility.

At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we make a point of providing only the best headlight and tail light products from the most reliable manufacturers. To learn more about how we can make your ride safer with premium semi-truck lights, browse the categories below.

Semi-Truck Headlights

We offer a wide variety of semi-truck headlights for sale, including LED options, for a variety of truck manufacturers such as Volvo, Freightliner, International and many more. Choose from a selection of long-lasting LED headlights, turn signals, projection headlights and plenty of other options that can accommodate virtually any make and model of semi-truck.

Semi-Truck Tail Lights

When you're driving a semi-truck at night or in hazardous weather conditions, it's incredibly important to make sure your tail lights are functioning correctly for both your safety and that of other drivers on the road. We offer an impressive selection of semi-truck tail light options from trusted producers. Choose from a selection of LED lights, reflective brake lights and more.

Semi-Truck Fog Lights

We also offer semi-truck fog lights for an extra measure of safety on the road. Our fog lights are available in many different varieties, including LED lights, fish eye fog lights, wide fog lights and more. When you need extra illumination for heavy fog or rain, you can count on the professionals at Bud and Tony's Truck Parts to guide you to the right fog lights for your truck.

Semi-Truck Headlight Accessories

We also offer numerous semi-truck headlight parts and accessories, including replacement bulbs and conversion kits, headlight bezels and blinker bars, wiring and more. Everything you need to install and maintain your headlights and tail lights is right here.

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