Heated Headlights

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4" x 6" Universal Premium LED Heated Projector Headlight (High Beam)


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4" x 6" Universal Premium LED Heated Projector Headlight (Low Beam)


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Heated Headlights for Semi-Trucks

The development of LED lighting has changed the lighting industry. From household light bulbs to semi-truck headlights, LED light technology uses less energy, produces light longer and at much lower temperatures than the hot-burning bulbs from just two decades ago.

While those all seem like great features, an unintended result of lighting that does not produce much heat is a headlight’s inability to melt ice and snow that freezes to its lens.

Manufacturers like Trux Accessories and United Pacific have come up with a way for semi-truck LED headlights to keep all the great benefits of LED but still create heat to melt snow and ice.

The way they do this is by applying a heating element within the lens of the semi-truck headlight – much like the defroster element in a windshield.

When the element senses freezing temperatures, it begins to heat the lens, helping to melt the ice.

These special, heated truck headlights are also designed with a flat surface, so ice can slide off easily as it melts.

Heated semi-truck LED headlights can be used all year long, since the heating function is only activated under certain temperatures. Or, you can swap them out during warmer months if you’d like. The heated semi-truck LED headlights we currently carry are universal fit.

Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts offers a wide range of semi-truck headlights – heated headlights, LED headlights, projector headlights and incandescent headlights for all truck models. Check out our general headlight section for more choices.

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