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Hood Ornaments

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Black Angry Duck Hood Ornament

Price: $210.00

Chrome Angry Duck Hood Ornament

Regular Price: $219.99 Price: $139.99

Chrome Bugler Hood Ornament - Amber

Price: $62.98

Chrome Bugler Hood Ornament - Black

Price: $62.98

Chrome Bugler Hood Ornament - Blue

Price: $62.98

Chrome Bugler Hood Ornament - Clear

Price: $62.98

Chrome Bugler Hood Ornament - Green

Price: $62.98

Chrome Bugler Hood Ornament - Red

Price: $62.98

Chrome Bulldog Hood Ornament

Price: $124.98

Chrome Cross Hood Ornament

Price: $244.99

Chrome Fighting Stallion Hood Ornament

Price: $72.98

Semi Truck Hood Ornaments

Truck drivers are one in a million who endure long hauls from state to state and often drive cross-country. In fact, you're responsible for about 80 percent of all the U.S. cargo transportation. You're also one of 7.1 million drivers who work for one of the 1.3 million trucking companies.

While safety and comfort are at the forefront of your mind — as well as ours — Bud and Tony's Truck Parts also knows that customizing your rig is a part of truck driving. We stock semi hood ornaments to give your vehicle a fresh look. You put in hard work each week to make timely deliveries and spend more than enough time with your rig. So why not customize it to fit your style?

Hood ornaments are an economical addition and are also simple to install. Pick one that represents your abilities or personality, or choose several to swap in and out when you want a new vibe.


Types of Hood Ornaments at Bud and Tony's Truck Parts

Finding a mascot design to fit on the hood of your semi can depend on your personality, beliefs or simply what you think looks awesome. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we have an assortment of popular truck hood ornaments ranging from bulldogs and flying stallions to eagles, rams and more.



A skull hood ornament can give your truck an eerie and threatening look. Our skull hood ornaments are available with a flaming head and have amber-lit eyes in yellow or deep red for an even more menacing stare. Skulls often serve as a representation of death and mortality. But whether you love skulls for their symbolic significance or the haunting visual they provide, they can give your truck a tough and individual look.



The graceful swan first debuted as a Packard ornament that conveyed the style and class of the luxury car brand. The swam hood ornament is representative of devotion and love as well as partnership, transformation and balance. A swan ornament with widespread wings can give your semi a sense of class — or provide you with a feeling of peace as you drive down the road with this swan in sight.

Available with a chrome body and colored wings, the swan hood ornament contrasts its wings for a vibrant image. Our swan novelty hood ornaments are available with wings in cool colors like blue, green or black, or fiery shades like red and orange. For a sleeker look, we also offer swan ornaments with clear wings or in full chrome and full matte black.



The chrome eagle hood ornament will stand out on your semi. With its wings raised high, the eagle portrays the essence of patriotism, power and bravery. Show off your American pride by featuring the emblem and national bird of the United States on your semi truck.


Flying Goddess

A goddess often signifies power and freedom in mythology, and is also linked to sexuality, immortality and rebirth. Our flying goddess hood ornaments have wings available in chrome, black, blue, clear, orange, green or red. Whether you love her elegance or bold look, the goddess can place a new expression on your semi-truck.



A symbol of Pegasus — the winged horse of Greek mythological fame — speaks to the ultimate freedom of having no boundaries of space or time. Among the many myths featuring Pegasus, he was known to create fountains anywhere his hoofs touched the Earth, and he often carried thunderbolts for Zeus, the King of the Greek gods.

Let your rig reflect the power of the gods with our Pegasus hood ornament. It's available as a shiny chrome body with colored wings in bright red, orange, green or blue — or pure black or clear.


Fighting Stallion

A fighting stallion is a resilient image that denotes dominance, freedom and travel. On drives across the country, a fighting stallion hood ornament can make your semi look bold and powerful, reflecting the freedom of this majestic horse. Choose chrome for a shiny and dramatic look or matte black for a daring and impenetrable presence.



Our bulldog hood ornament comes in chrome and chrome with a winch. The snarling bulldog is poised for defense, giving your semi a powerful look. The dog represents tenacity and bulldogs also symbolize determination, reliability, strength, courage and toughness. This practical hood ornament can even function as an assistant in opening the hood. Our bulldog hood ornament lets you show your loyalty, strength and resilient spirit.


Bull Horn

When you see bull horns, you may think of a few old western movies. Our bull horns hood ornaments come in chrome, chrome with a base and matte black with a base. The horns signify strength, power, dignity and supremacy. Adding a bull horn ornament can give your semi a fierce look on every trip, and you'll feel like a cowboy as you barrel across the Midwest on long cross-country drives.



The ram signifies a steadfast animal with masculine vigor and strong leadership skills. It also symbolizes perseverance, hard-headedness, power, drive, bravery and energy. The ram hood ornament can transform your hood from bland to vigilant and give you a second wind on the toughest trips. Our ram ornament is available in classic matte black andchrome, as well as chrome with amber-lit eyes for an even more menacing look.



Adding a funny pig ornament to your truck can inspire positivity and make you smile on a grueling haul. And, while our statues may appear pudgy and cute, it's a mistake to forget the pig's tough characteristics. Pigs also exemplify intelligence, optimism, strength and wealth. Pick from a chrome pig with wings, or chrome or matte black option without wings.



If you are Christian, the cross hood ornament can bring you peace of mind throughout your travels. The chrome piece can act as a guide and even help remind you of what's most important in your life. Our chrome cross hood ornament is simple, yet sturdy and durable.


Wild Boar

If you have ever gone boar hunting or encountered a feral pig in the wild, you know that these beasts are not something to mess with. The boar is also associated with characteristics like persistence, determination, selflessness, sociability and honesty. Our chrome wild boarhood ornament is available with amber-lit eyes and mouth for a ferocious and intimidating glare.


Flying Dragon

Our chrome flying dragon hood emblem is thriving with intricate details. With its high wings and steadfast posture, it has a stoic nature. Its raised claw presents a vigilant stance that says your semi is not to be trifled with. Dragons represent protection, loyalty, fearlessness, strength, possibility and balance.



Having a rooster on the hood of a semi can symbolize many traits, such as intelligence, wisdom, courage and kindness. The winged rooster hood ornament looks brave and ready to take on any challenge. For a semi hood ornament that reminds you of a home on the plains or waking at the crack of dawn to tackle the road, our chrome sitting rooster hood ornament is simple, yet attractive.


Custom Hood Ornaments for Every Truck Driver

Whether you're searching for a winged hood ornament, a posing woman or a motometer, Bud and Tony's Truck Parts has what you need in various finishes and colors. You may connect with some of the symbolic aspects or simply like how they look. Either way, our hood emblems can one-up your semi with boosted personality.

It is one thing to drive a big rig, but it's another to operate one that illuminates who you are as a dedicated worker. Our cool hood ornaments reveal your personality and can customize the entire look of your semi-truck. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts we stock hood emblems to fit all truck brands, including:

  • Freightliner hood ornaments
  • Mack hood ornaments
  • Peterbilt hood ornaments
  • Kenworth hood ornaments
  • Volvo hood ornaments
  • International hood ornaments

No matter what rig you drive or look you want, we have a custom hood ornament for your truck.


Truck Hood Ornament Finishes Available

At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, our finishes include chrome hood ornaments as well as matte black and amber-lit mascots:

  • Chrome: Because it is corrosion and wear-resistant, chrome is an incredible finish that allows your semi ornament to last longer. As a hard and durable coating, chrome can also withstand harsh environments that your semi-truck may face. The finish has a low risk of de-laminating and flaking and is excellent for covering irregular shapes. Appearance benefits of chrome include a bright, smooth and shiny finish.
  • Matte black: If you're looking for a sleek look, matte black will be your go-to. Matte colors are smudge resistant and easier to clean compared to chrome finishes. Thanks to its flat and non-reflective properties, matte black adds a mysterious feel and looks great above black grills. It's a timeless coating for any hood ornament.
  • Amber-lit: The glow from an amber-lit hood ornament helps your hood cap stand out and makes people look twice. Amber-lit hood ornaments from Bud and Tony's Truck Parts gives you a bold look like no other.

Other ornament colors you can choose from include clear, black, blue, green, orange and red.

Having the freedom to modify and customize your truck means you can set yourself apart from everyone else on the road. From Peterbilt ornaments to Kenworth, Mack and many others, you can find the best mascot to specialize your semi.


We Have Everything You Need

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts knows you have unique needs as well as wants for your vehicle. We provide unparalleled dedication in delivering customer services that surpass your expectations. Our experts give personal attention to your requests and assist you in finding what you require. And when you give us a call, there's a chance you'll even speak with Bud or Tony themselves.

Our hood ornaments for sale allow you to customize your rig — but don't stop there. We have an inventory of exterior and interior accessories to make your truck feel more like home on the road. From performance accessories like windshield wipers and headlights to protection-locking fuel caps and locking fuel cap covers, Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is your one-stop shop for upgrading your semi. We even provide interior comfort selections like mattresses and truck desks, plus backup cameras and LED lighting to give you a safe and comfortable trip.


Shop Online to Personalize Your Rig

Shop our hood ornaments for semi-trucks online or contact us for additional information about your mascot customization options. You can also give us a call at 1-586-623-9705. When you order online, we have a 48-hour turnaround for deliveries from order to shipment, so you get what you need faster.