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Semi Truck Mattresses

Life on the road is tough. Trucking typically profiles an unglamorous, underappreciated job that demands a lot of time, effort and concentration from drivers. Your truck might serve as a necessary living space while earning your paycheck, and it's only appropriate that your cabin provides some comforts from home to ease the stress — and that includes a cushy mattress.

Leave sleeping bags and cots behind with a mattress from Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, which supplies all kinds of brands to meet dimension, thickness and softness demands.


Why Purchase a Mattress for a Semi Truck?

A good mattress tailored to your body's needs will make an immeasurable difference in your quality of sleep, and it will help you to avoid numerous obstacles.

By failing to get consistent rest day to day, you increase the risks affiliated with an unfortunately dangerous profession, as about 13 percent of semi truck accidents happen due to drowsy driving. When you sleep on mediocre surfaces and get terrible rest, you increase the chances of feeling unfocused and unaware during your drives, which also makes your circumstances generally miserable.

On top of that, you face potential long-term health problems from sleeping poorly night after night, including obesity, cardiovascular disease and even diabetes.


Semi-Truck Mattress for Your Comfort — What Are Your Options?

Everyone sleeps differently, and you'll find that our inventory does its best to accommodate many sleepers. Of course, we also consider requirements related to size and budget to ensure you locate your ideal fit.

We carry a selection of mattresses, varying in thickness, size and material. 

Find Cab Comfort with the Right Semi-Truck Mattress

Give yourself the rest you've earned through the countless days and nights that you've traveled America's interstates and beyond. Check out our line of mattresses to discover your match.

We carry other assorted accessories, too, such as shift knobs, steering wheels and floor mats for your semi truck, to help your truck feel more like home. Our customer service team will be glad to offer additional support whenever necessary, so contact us today!