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Peterbilt Accessories


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Driving a transport truck takes a lot of concentration and dedication. Equipping yourself with the best comfort, convenience and security accessories goes a long way toward improving your time on the road and helping you meet your deadlines.

Peterbilt Truck Accessories Available at Bud and Tony's Truck Parts

When it comes to staying comfortable on the road and keeping your truck in top shape, you need to update your Peterbilt semi-truck accessories and parts. Worn-down parts and uncomfortable cabin accessories make productivity and efficiency harder and could even lead to costly breakdowns and repairs. Make sure that your Peterbilt semi-truck is functioning optimally with our extensive inventory of Peterbilt semi-truck parts.

Here at Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we carry a long list of parts and accessories designed to work with your Peterbilt truck. Check out our different categories, including:

With such a broad range of products, you can choose the Peterbilt truck accessories you need to turn your truck into the perfect road companion. We make it easy to protect against theft of fuel with our popular lineup of locking gas caps. You can also improve the comfort and convenience in and out of your truck with our interior and exterior products and accessories. Browse our product pages, check out our other products, and choose everything you need for one simple order.

Interior Peterbilt Semi-Truck Parts

When you're spending long hours on the road every day, you need cab space that facilitates physical wellness and productivity. That's why Bud and Tony's Truck Parts offers a wide variety of interior Peterbilt semi-truck parts that ensure a comfortable ride — day or night.

Our complete list of interior Peterbilt semi-truck parts and accessories includes:

  • Cab ComfortWe offer Peterbilt mattresses and bedding sets, which include various color options, and we also offer Peterbilt cabin filters for optimal air quality.
  • Floor AccessoriesIn our inventory, you can find floor mats with different color options and various truck model compatibilities. We also offer foot pedals and step plates.
  • Steering WheelsOur inventory includes various steering wheel options with a comfortable 18-inch grip and various chrome designs.
  • Dashboard AccessoriesCheck out our dashboard kit options, which include complete dash kits compatible even with older models.

Exterior Peterbilt Semi-Truck Parts

We also offer an extensive collection of exterior Peterbilt semi-truck parts and accessories to help you keep your semi-truck running in excellent condition for the long haul. From headlights to engine maintenance accessories, you'll find every Peterbilt product you need in our inventory, including:

  • Front End AccessoriesThis section includes bumper guides, winter fronts, bumpers, bug deflectors, bug screens, grilles, and related accessories.
  • Rear End AccessoriesWe offer tow pin covers, steel cross-member covers, and top flaps in zinc and stainless steel plated varieties.
  • Cab AccessoriesVisors, performance accessories, window deflectors, hood accessories, and exterior and emblem trim are a part of this category.
  • Fuel Tank AccessoriesWe carry Peterbilt fuel tank adapters, locking fuel cap covers, non-locking cap covers, and tank straps.
  • Headlights and LightingWe offer various sleeper kits, headlights, top mount lights, projection lights, and much more.
  • Beacon and Backup BracketsThis category includes both passenger and driver beacon brackets.
  • Fenders and AccessoriesThis section includes front fenders, side fender guards, fender deflectors, fender trims, and various fender accessories.
  • Engine Parts and Exhaust MaintenanceWe offer exhaust system kits, stack kits, air conditioner condensers, and radiators.
  • Air Cleaner HousingThese include various air cleaner housing components.
  • Rock GuardsWe offer rock guards to keep your semi-truck protected from debris.

If you have any questions about the products listed above, availability or applications for Peterbilt semi-truck parts, get in touch with our knowledgeable team of experts today.

Order Your Peterbilt Accessories From Bud and Tony's Truck Parts Today

You'll come to love Bud and Tony's Truck Parts for our competitive prices and unbeatable customer service, so start browsing our Peterbilt accessories right now. We carry products for many different Peterbilt models, including the 359, 365, 367, 379, 386, and 389 models. Place your order online, or contact our team if you need more information or assistance in choosing the right accessories for your Peterbilt truck.