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Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses - Grey Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz Big Daddy Sunglasses - Grey Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz Big Daddy Sunglasses - Black Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz Vortac XL Sunglasses (Silver)

Price: $77.07

Fatheadz Vortac XL Sunglasses (Black)

Price: $77.07

Fatheadz Modello Sunglasses - Brown Frame

Price: $84.18

Fatheadz Knuckleduster Sunglasses

Price: $97.14

Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses - Clear Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses - Brown Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses - Black Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz Big Daddy Sunglasses - Clear Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz Big Daddy Sunglasses - Brown Frame

Price: $89.36

Fatheadz "The Law" Sunglasses

Price: $97.14

Sunglasses for Winter Driving

The most important tool we have as drivers is our eyes. That is pretty obvious. This is especially true for heavy duty truck drivers who spend a lot more time on the road than an average person.

Eye strain due to poor weather conditions or even just the bright sun can lead to head aches and driver fatigue – the last two things a trucker needs at work.

One of the best ways to protect one’s eyes behind the wheel – especially during the bright winter months – is with a pair of quality sunglasses.

Protecting Your Eyes

Believe it or not, sunglasses are meant to do more for you than just make you look cool. All jokes aside, when looking to purchase a pair of sunglasses that will be worn while driving, be sure to choose ones that offer UV protection.

Yes, the sun is bright – and being surrounded by snow under a clear sky can amplify that brightness significantly. While sunglasses will definitely dim the bright down, they should also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

You may be asking, doesn’t my semi-truck’s windshield protect me from UV rays? Well, yes – but not when you’re loading the truck, unloading or simply fueling up. Why buy a pair of shades if they only protect you indoors? Sunglasses with UV protection offer double the cover for usually the same price.

Why Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are the best option for winter driving because they are made to cut down glare. They also enhance certain colors, making your view through them more crisp-looking.

Glare from snow, rain or even other cars and trucks is minimized with a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Sizing Sunglasses

All heads are not shaped the same! If you’re going to spend a little money on a pair of high-quality sunglasses, you need to make sure they will fit your face comfortably.

There are a couple ways to do this. First, check the size on a pair of sunglasses you own currently. The size will be printed on the inside of either temple. Simple!

If you don’t have pair to check or the ones you do have aren’t comfortable – stand in front of a mirror and hold a straight ruler across the bridge of your nose from temple to temple. A measurement of 135mm to 140mm will be small/medium frame size. Anything above 140mm will be large/extra-large.

Best Sunglass Lens Colors and Density for Winter Driving

The best lens tint for driving are those that maintain color integrity. In other words, red lights still look red, and so on. Some trendy sunglasses come in all different shades, which may look cool, but are not intended for driving!

Lenses that are amber, grey, or copper-toned are best suited for driving, as they do not affect the colors of other objects.

You may think the darker the lenses the better, but that is not necessarily the case. There are five levels of light transmission. The higher the percentage, the clearer the lenses in terms of darkness. The recommended amount of light transmission for driving sunglasses is between 18% – 43% of light.

Comfortable Truck Drivers are Happy Truck Drivers

At Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts, we care as much about your comfort behind the wheel as we do the quality and safety of our products. We strive to find the best, most efficient and effective accessories out there to make your long haul a better experience. If you have a specific need or request, contact us online or chat with us now! If we don’t have it, we can find it.