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Truck Bars & Grille Guards

Grille guards and heavy duty truck bars give semi-trucks a rugged look and help drivers and companies save on repair costs, offering a layer of protection in case of collision. At Bud and Tony's Trucks Parts, we distribute a full line of quality grille guards to fit virtually any rig, such as FreightlinerVolvoMackKenworth and Peterbilt trucks. Find your match with our affordable grille guards, which are available in different sizes and materials and shipped fast with all necessary mounting hardware.

Semi-Truck Grille Guards and Truck Bars

Install grille guards to the tow hook holes using the included mounting brackets or directly to the bumper and frame through existing holes. These guards reach across the front of the truck to protect the bumper, CAS system, fog lamps and more. Remove the two grip pins and fold forward 90 degrees for easy access to the engine compartment, saving time and effort for service and maintenance.

Truck bars combine a bumper and a grille guard. 

Why Install a Semi-Truck Grille Guard or Truck Bar?

A semi-truck grille guard or truck bar is an investment in the lifetime of a truck. While they're often the most prominent vehicle on the road, trucks are susceptible to damage from collisions like any other vehicle. Grille guards and truck bars help prevent collision damage while adding visual appeal to your truck. Whether it's for a personal rig or a fleet of trucks under your control, installing semi-truck grille guards offers valuable benefits, including:

  • Protection in accidents with animals: Grille guards absorb the impact of collisions with deer, elk, moose and other wildlife, reducing damage to the grille, engine components and body of the truck. More than visible destruction, a collision with a large animal can lead to costly downtime while the driver waits for repairs.
  • Protection in collisions with other drivers: Regardless of how safely you drive, other drivers can be unpredictable and present a constant threat on the road. Our heavy duty truck bars offer a layer of protection in minor accidents, deflecting the force of impact and saving the truck from scratches and dents.
  • Added visual appeal and perceived value: A rugged front-end guard definitely makes a strong statement visually. Your semi-truck can appear almost unstoppable, tough, powerful and for sure large and in-charge. Choosing the right truck bar or grille guard to match your truck's brand or choosing it in a color to complement your cab, is sure to make it stand out on the road. 

Find Quality Semi-Truck Grille Guards and Truck Bars at Competitive Prices

At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we have a wide selection of heavy duty truck bars and durable grille guards available. Choose from standard and heavy-duty semi-truck grille guards in different sizes, styles and finishes to match any brand truck. Give any semi-truck an aggressive presence and reduce the lifetime cost of ownership with added protection from road debris, animals and other vehicles.

We sell directly to independent owner/operators and fleet managers making volume purchases, helping truckers spend more hours on the road and less time in the shop. For a free quote on volume purchases or to speak with a semi-truck accessory expert, send us a message today.