Truck Interior Insulation

Insulate your Truck's Interior!

You wouldn't buy a home without insulation, right? For truckers who spend days and weeks on the road, their truck IS home - and it can be insulated the same way a home should be.

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is proud to carry HushMat®, the #1 rated thermal and sound deadening material for trucks. It not only provides superior heat and noise reduction, but is super simple to install (you just need a pair or scissors or utility blade!).

Truck Insulation Kits Designed for Semis

HushMat offers a wide variety of Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Western Star truck insulation kits. If you don't see your particular make/model/year - let us know! HushMat kits are easy to customize. There are also universal kits that can be cut to fit.

Reduce Road Noise 

No more having to turn the radio down when you exit the highway! Road noise can make it hard to hear music - or more importantly, traffic updates and weather alerts. A noisy cab can be a terrible distraction. Insulating the cab reduces the noise from outside the truck, helping to keep some peace inside the truck.

Stay Cool ... or Warm

Just like a home's insulation, HushMat improves a truck's energy efficiency. Your AC won't have to work so hard in the summer, and your cab will retain heat better in the winter, even when the truck isn't running. 

Guaranteed to Stay Put

HushMat doesn't use any harsh adhesives or require special solutions. Their self-adhering insulation kits are guaranteed to stick. 

Made in the USA

We love supporting American companies! HushMat is manufactured in the USA.

Why Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts?

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is a one-stop online destination for a wide selection of quality semi truck parts and accessories from trusted manufacturers. If you're an owner/operator or fleet manager, you can find everything you need to improve the interior of your truck cab, all in one place with competitive prices on single items and bulk orders. From tractor to trailer, roof to wheels, and door to door, we have everything you need for making your long haul a better experience.

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