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Trucker Charities This Holiday Season

Battling long hours on the road, strict delivery deadlines and numerous other challenges, truckers never have it easy — but those trials become more apparent than ever during the holidays.

Charitable giving always increases around this time of the year, but sometimes the trucking community gets lost in the mix. Bud and Tony's Truck Parts has spent a long time helping out the community by providing reliable equipment and accessories, and we want to go one step further by encouraging every trucker around to consider contributing to a trucker-focused charity.

If we can all pull together, the lives of a lot of truck drivers will become just a little easier. In the spirit of that mission, here is a list of some charities for truck drivers that do a lot of good for the trucking community.


Truckers Final Mile

One of the highest-rated trucker charities by sites like Great Nonprofits, Truckers Final Mile helps to reunite North American truck drivers with their families during times of crisis.

The industry carries drivers far away from their homes. Unfortunately, when accidents happen, it can put a tremendous strain on these families to reach each other and be there for their loved ones. The charity helps to pay for transportation and lodging in the event of the following:

  • Death of a driver
  • Serious injury to a driver
  • Major medical event of a driver
  • Any similar issues occuring to a close family member back at home

The charity also invests in a mobility program, which helps to retrofit the homes of truck drivers who face mobility and accessibility issues.


Trucker Charity

The Trucker Charity is likely the best general nonprofit that serves this community. It aims to help truckers and their families, mechanics and related professions with their various needs. It offers life coaches and mentors for one-on-one programs to improve overall quality of life when dealing with the rigors of the job, and it also assists drivers caught in precarious situations caused by weather or mechanical failure.

Trucker Charity provides emergency housing and even a food pantry in Illinois, which allows a trucker to receive up to three days' worth of food.


America's Road Team

This organization serves as an outreach program that elects drivers to captain positions that focus on improving the overall community and advancing their interests. These captains travel all over to meet with the public, including media outlets and political entities, to share details about life in the industry and advocate for better exposure and treatment.


Meals for 18 Wheels

A relatively new nonprofit established in 2013, Meals for 18 Wheels prioritizes warm and hearty meals for drivers, who often have to go weeks at a time eating fast food and nonperishables instead of a home-cooked dinner. By utilizing social media, this charity encourages people to suggest members who could use their services, which helps to strengthen bonds throughout the community.


St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund

St. Christopher might be one of the most well-known truck driver charities.

It began as a way to help truckers and their families deal with the costs brought on by medical issues. It has evolved to provide more than 2,000 truckers with vaccines, stop-smoking programs, financial assistance and resources for better living.


Let's All Get More Involved to Help Each Other and the Community

In the spirit of the holidays, there's no better time than right now to make a difference in the lives of a fellow driver or community. Helping each other out in times of need is just one more way to keep all of us truckin into 2019!

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