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The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is an international trade association representing independent owner-operators and professional drivers on all issues that affect truckers. One of the best features of a recognized trade organization is its ability to obtain group rates on insurance premiums. If you were to go out on your own for trucking liability insurance or disability coverage, you would be quoted individual rates, which are much higher than group rates. If you become a member of the OOIDA, you gain access to insurance rates through the association..... Read More
GET A GRIP: What To Do About Hand Pain While Drivimg
Truck Driving is one the most challenging of jobs, and Truckers are some of the toughest of people — but, not exempt from the pains that being behind the wheel consistantly can cause. The good news, there are simple things you can do today to help your body tomorrow. One of the pains which seems harmless at first; can be hand or wrist issues. Keeping both hands on the steering wheel at all times for safety, for both you and others on the road, is what every good driver knows, however that constant gripping can produce harmfui concequences..... Read More