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Simply put - fuel is expensive. We’ve all seen the Mad Max movies, right? And while we aren’t quite in Thunderdome yet, there is no denying that fuel is gold when it comes to the trucking industry. Fuel is a trucker’s highest expense. The same goes for fleets. Without it, the trucking industry (and our economy) would basically come to a halt. 
This makes diesel essential to protect and very attractive to steal. Historically, when fuel prices rise, so does the incidence of fuel theft. Historically, when fuel prices rise, so does the incidence of fuel theft. That said, fuel is always a target of theft, regardless of retail prices. In 2008 alone, fuel theft cost the trucking industry $8 billion in the United States alone (according to the RFID Switchboard). So, what can you do to protect the fuel in your truck? ..... Read More
CARGO SECURITY - Keep Things In Place
Driving a heavy-duty semi-truck requires a lot of attention. Truckers must be alert; their rigs must be in good working order and whatever they are hauling needs to stay put. There are many tools available to secure cargo, so things do not slide or move during transit. Here are some examples of cargo securement tools.... Read More